Liberty Petroleum Corporation is a US based privately held company with an International focus. We span the globe searching for high impact exploration opportunities that are material enough to attract world class operating partners. Since our inception in 1997 we have acquired over 17 distinct exploration blocks worldwide.

In the process of exploration and development of these opportunities, Liberty commits itself to business activities that are conducted in a responsible and sustainable manner, while upholding the highest standards of ethics and business practice.

Since our inception in 1997 we have acquired over 17 distinct exploration blocks worldwide. To date, Liberty has facilitated over US$1.7 billion dollars in exploration and development work program expenditures resulting in numerous discoveries. The Poseidon discovery in WA-315 P was ranked by Rigzone to be one of the top ten world-wide discoveries in 2009.

Exxon negotiated a farm-in acquisition from Liberty on their VIC P70 permit in the offshore Gippsland Basin that has resulted in the drilling of three wells in 2019. The collective three well drilling program was accompanied by substantial expenditure commitments. The wells were respectively designated as Hairtail, Baldfish and Sculpin. The Sculpin well was drilled in the deepest water depths ever undertaken in Australia. The results of this drilling program currently remain under a tight hole status.

In April of 2021, the government of Australia awarded Liberty two additional deep water permits in the Gippsland Basin. These large permits are designated as VIC-P77 & VIC-P78 and are contiguous to the Exxon VIC-P70 permit. They are both situated in an area Liberty believes to have quality reservoirs in the Latrobe and Golden Beach formations. Our technical team also believe these permits will open up substantial new potential in the Turbidite plays.


Our focus is to capture government grants of title safe exploration permits that have very substantial resource potential.  Once attained we then conduct high end technical work through our top tier technical consulting team. We then seek to attract world class operating partners to help fund and operate our various projects. This allows Liberty to be exposed to the massive high upside benefit of these giant projects while shielding them from liability and excessive capital cost fund raising requirements.

Commitment to Ethics

In securing and increasing shareholder value, Liberty adheres to the highest in ethics and business practices. Liberty believes that dealing with integrity in all relationships is a non-negotiable business principle. We believe deeply in the world renowned golden rule offered by Christianity to “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”