Onshore Projects

Liberty Petroleum Corporation (LPC) has also targeted high impact onshore exploration licenses globally with an initial focus in the Cooper & Eromanga Basins located in South Australia and Queensland. These Basins represent the preeminent and most prolific oil producing region in onshore Australia. Liberty’s blocks in these basins are partnered with Santos Ltd., Cooper Energy and Discovery Energy in the Western Oil Flank.

More recently Liberty has shifted focus to the Officer Basin in Western Australia to hunt for giant oil fields. LPC and their associated partners have amalgamated an impressive position consisting of approximately 19 million acres. The under-explored Officer Basin presents the opportunity for “giant discoveries” through the exploration of massive salt dome type structures.

The table below provides an overview of past and current projects within the Liberty Onshore portfolio of projects:

Project Basin State Acres Year Operator Status
ATP 636 Cooper/Eromanga QLD 640,000 1996 Santos Ltd Active
ATP 820 Eromanga Basin QLD 120,000 1996 Santos Ltd Relinquished
ATP 661 Cooper/Eromanga QLD 480,000 2000 Santos Ltd Relinquished
PEL 88 Cooper SA 1,200,000 2001 Cooper Energy Active
PEL 100 Cooper SA 400,000 2002 Santos Ltd Active
PEL 512 Cooper/Eromanga SA 585,000 2009 Discovery Energy Active
STP-EPA-0076 Officer WA 5,608,000 2012 Liberty PC W.I. Available
STP-EPA-0071 Officer WA 5,554,000 2017 Liberty PC (option) W.I. Available
STP-EPA-0067 Officer WA 4,524,000 2017 Liberty PC (option) W.I. Available
STP-EPA-0116 Officer WA 2,000,244 2017 Liberty PC (option) W.I. Available
STP-EPA-0118 Officer WA 2,307,371 2017 Liberty PC (option) W.I. Available