Offshore Projects

Liberty Petroleum Corporation (LPC) specializes in acquiring high impact offshore exploration licenses globally. The primary target area has been Australia due to its transparent bidding process, relevant authority integrity, fiscal fairness and low sovereign risk. LPC’s business model is to capture early stage and/or frontier areas that have prolific resource potential. Over the past 21 years Liberty has been awarded seven large-scale offshore permits in Australia.

Working with partners such as Apache, Conoco Phillips, Karoon Gas and other quality operating partners on our offshore projects has resulted in several major discoveries. One of the most successful projects is the giant Poseidon gas/condensate field operated by Conoco Phillips which Rigzone rated as one of the ten largest global discoveries of 2009.

The table below provides an overview of past and current projects within the Liberty Offshore portfolio of projects:

Projects Basin State Acres Year Operator Status
VIC L29 Gippsland VIC 175,000 2003 SGH Energy Prod. License
VIC P45 Gippsland VIC 288,000 2001 BHP Relinquished
VIC P54 Gippsland VIC 175,000 2000 SGH Energy Active
VIC P59 Gippsland VIC 280,000 2004 Apache Relinquished
VIC P70 Gippsland VIC 546,000 2014 ExxonMobil Active
VIC P77 Gippsland VIC 215,970 2021 Liberty W.I. Available
VIC P78 Gippsland VIC 331,121 2021 Liberty W.I. Available
WA 314P Browse WA 247,000 2001 Karoon Gas Relinquished
WA 315P Browse WA 247,000 2001 Conoco Phillips Active
WA 482P Carnarvon WA 1,663,000 2012 Karoon/Santos Active