[Press] New cloud-hosted simulator allows drillers to train from home during coronavirus pandemic

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Louisiana State University successfully trials web-based software to train drillers remotely

Leading simulator developer and manufacturer, Drilling Systems, has launched a web-based version of its world-leading, well control simulation software following successful trials with Louisiana State University (LSU).

LSU was looking for a way to continue delivering high-quality academic instruction to its drilling and well control students during the current coronavirus outbreak and worked closely with leading simulator manufacturer, Drilling Systems, to develop a solution.

Drilling Systems adapted its tried-and-tested well control training software into a cloud-hosted product to enable remote well control learning for the very first time. Accessed through a web browser via tablet, laptop or desktop computer from anywhere in the world, this innovation allowed LSU to create virtual classrooms where students could develop and fine-tune well control skills remotely, overseen by an instructor.

Drilling Systems’ well control software has been developed over many years and is traditionally used within classroom training simulators to provide an ultra-realistic learning experience, which mirrors drilling and well control operations in the field. Using scenario-based training models and realistic graphics, the software takes human factors and emergency response into account to develop a person’s drilling and well control skills and create someone who is ‘industry-ready.’

Following LSU’s successful trials, Drilling Systems has now launched its new cloud-based learning well control software online under the product name ‘iDrillSIM’.

“LSU is currently working very hard to provide the best academic environment possible to our students during the current coronavirus pandemic, and we are very grateful to Drilling Systems for supporting us during this period,” LSU Craft & Hawkins Department of Petroleum Engineering Chair Karsten Thompson said. “The students have been surprised and pleased to be able to operate remotely using Drilling Systems’ new cloud-based well control software, which has allowed us to continue teaching our well control course even after the semester went to online instruction only. The results have exceeded our expectations, and we can see this solution positively impacting well-control training even after the stay-at-home directives are relaxed.“

Clive Battisby, director of simulator operations for 3T Energy Group, said: “Coronavirus is a fast-moving situation and the industry needs to act quickly to adapt to this changing and challenging environment. At a time when people are simply unable to go into training centres or attend universities and colleges, we wanted to develop a solution which can help support well control training and ensure the industry maintains its high safety standards.

“Our new cloud-hosted DrillSIM software is a game-changer for the oil and gas sector and will transform the way people learn well control and keep skills fresh. Our software has been developed and fine-tuned over many years to create a highly realistic experience so that drilling crews can be fully prepared for real-life operations. Now the drilling and well control community will be able to access this learning online so they can practise drilling and well control operations from the comfort of their own home at a time that suits them.

“As well as cloud-based software, we have a range of other digital solutions including training apps and virtual reality programmes to help the industry through this difficult time and beyond.”

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